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  • (808) 585-3524


Q: Does the HPIA accept credit card payments or online payments?

The HPIA does not accept credit card payments or online payments.

Payments may be mailed to:

Hawaii Property Insurance Association (HPIA)
745 Fort Street Mall Suite 1100
Honolulu, HI  96813

Q: How can I determine if my payment was received?

Call the Plan Administrator Customer Service Center at (808) 564-8111. Have your HPIA policy number available for prompt assistance.

Q: What does the HPIA policy provide?

The HPIA provides basic property insurance against the direct loss to real or tangible personal property from perils such as fire, lightning and vandalism and malicious mischief insured under the Dwelling and Homeowners coverage forms. You should carefully read all policy forms to determine actual coverage.

Q: Can I deal directly with the HPIA?

The HPIA does not have any employees; the HPIA is serviced by a Plan Administrator. Please contact your licensed insurance agent and have the agent assist you with your particular coverage requirements.

Q: Can I obtain a price quote over the phone, or obtain an immediate binder for coverage?

The HPIA does not provide quotes over the phone. You should contact a licensed insurance agent and have the agent assist you with your particular coverage requirements. Coverage is effective when the HPIA receives the complete submission and a minimum payment of $250. Exceptions may be made for mortgage pre-approvals.

The HPIA does not issue binders.  A policy is issued within 10 business days of receipt of the complete submission and minimum payment of $250.

Q: What kind of payment plans does the HPIA have?

The HPIA does not have payment plans. After receipt of the complete submission and the minimum payment of $250, the balance of the policy premium is due in 20 days.

A complete submission consists of:

  • Completed Acord Application (include TMK)
  • Replacement Cost Estimator (RCE) – version HPIA 1006 0915
  • Supplemental Information and Checklist
  • Two (2) Clear and Bright Color Photos (front and rear of dwelling)
  • One (1) Clear and Bright Color Photo – water catchment tank (if applicable)
  • Homeowners/Dwelling Fire Supplemental Questionnaire
  • Signed Acknowledgment of Hurricane and Flood Coverage Exclusion
  • Copy of Deposit Premium ($250 deposit or payment in full is required)
  • Declinations by two (2) insurance companies (provide insurance company names)

Q: Do HPIA policies have deductibles?

Available deductible options are $500, $1,000, $2,000 or $3,000.

Q: Are there limits on the amount of coverage available?

The coverage limit ranges from $50,000 to $350,000.

Q: Is the cost for insurance coverage more expensive under the HPIA?

In most situations, insurance coverage with the HPIA is more expensive. The HPIA should be considered as a market of last resort when seeking residential property coverage. The HPIA’s policies generally provide less coverage than most voluntary market policies while charging higher rates/premiums for basic coverage.

You should contact a licensed insurance agent and have the agent assist you with your particular coverage requirements.

Q: Can I choose coverage through the HPIA instead of a voluntary insurance company?

Yes, but more comprehensive coverage options at reduced premium costs may be available in the voluntary insurance market. Applicants to the HPIA must try to obtain coverage in the voluntary market and may submit an application to the HPIA after receiving at least two declinations for coverage from licensed insurers in the voluntary market.

Q: Where does the HPIA write business?

Residential property insurance coverage is available to eligible property owners in all locations in the State of Hawaii, or as designated by the Insurance Commissioner.

Q: Is the HPIA a state agency?

The HPIA is a nonprofit unincorporated association of all licensed insurers that write property and casualty insurance in Hawaii. Each insurer is required to be a member of the HPIA as a condition of their authority to transact business in the State. Each member insurer participates in the writings, expenses, profits, and losses of the HPIA in proportion to their market share of property and casualty insurance written in Hawaii. There is no public funding or taxpayers’ monies involved.